Art Fairs

  • 2013 Art Fairs
  • October 13 ~ Bead Bonanza ~ Southfield, MI
  • December 14 ~ Women's Art Festival ~ Minneapolis, MN
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  • 2014 Art Fairs
  • March 22-23 ~ Art Glass & Bead Show ~ Madison, WI
  • June 5-8 ~ Bead & Button ~ Milwaukee, WI
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  • October 13 ~ Bead Bonanza ~ Southfield, MI

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back in the studio...

So after a 3-day weekend in Madison I am back at it in the studio! What a beautiful weekend to spend in Madison! We had a great show, got to touch base with old friends and customers, and were lucky enough to make new of both! Dropped off new product on State Street to Driftless Studio....thanks Anne. Now it's back to the task of finishing up art fair applications for the up coming season, hats off to Zapplicaion for making the process a million times easier and faster, and working to get enough product ready for the start of my busy season! Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm still here....

So once again it looks as though I have been neglecting my blog! Life just always seems to sneak in and eat up your time while you're not looking! The Bead Bazaar is this weekend in Hopkins at the Eisenhower Community Center on Saturday and Sunday from 10 - 5. Stop by if you are in MN for a great mix of bead related items! Today I am finishing up a few pieces for the show, and putting together the last of my receipts for our taxes as I am driving back home tomorrow to get them done! Whew, one more thing to cross off my list! Spring Break starts tomorrow for us, and after the show this weekend we are headed out to visit a couple of colleges with Kendal...the quest has begun!